Envision designs and manufactures advanced autonomous robots. Our mission is to make the benefits of robots and AI accessible to everyone in society.

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Founder of Envision
Envision's story started with a question: why are robots so expensive and hard to use?
We didn't have an answer. Instead, we ran into more questions. Why does it take weeks or even months instead of a few minutes to install robots in your organization? Why do you need to spend €100,000+ redesigning your buildings to make them ready for robots? Why can most robots do so little for so much money?
As we did more research into existing robotics companies, we found several answers: long supply chains, outdated engineering practices, high profit margins, many middlemen, and many resellers. Dissappointed with these answers, we decided to make an alternative. We created Envision to provide customers with easy-to-use robots for the most affordable prices.
To keep everything affordable we design all software and hardware in-house, source all components directly from factories (no resellers), and sell directly to customers (no distributors). As a result, we can provide top quality robots at over 10x lower prices. Ultimately, our goal is to make advanced robots accessible to everyone in society so we can all benefit from automation.

If you have any questions, feedback, or want to get in touch, feel free to contact us. We're here to help. Thank you!
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